A Visual Paradox is the working archive of my photographic artwork.

I am a story teller.

These are my stories. Welcome to my world.

The stories are divided intofolios and chapters. They have no deeply profound or sinister meaning but are merely the manifestations of my imagination.

We are available for Corporate and Private commission work time permitting.

The copyright images displayed here are available for purchase as

photographic enlargements.

Reproduction, in whole or in part of any of these images, in any form without express written consent, is a violation of law and will be prosecuted.

Models, Mua, Stylists and Non Profit Organizations

We are always interested in working with creative individuals on a TF basis, time permitting and are pleased to supply images for use by Non Profit Organizations with prior agreement. See the Lets Do It sub page in this section for further guidelines on TF work, donations, what we won't do, etc..

So, join mefor a walk in my world and remember as you partake, they are all a visual paradox. Probably not real.........but then again, maybe.

A Visual Paradox / PJ Bird